How does it work?

Browse our video ads and choose the videos that can best fit your online marketing campaigns.

Go to our Fiverr gig and place your order, we will send you links to the online editors of the videos you chose.

Customize our videos with your message and boost your campaigns with fresh & fun doggy content

Choose your videos

Browse our video library below and choose the best videos for your business


Our service/product help your business so much, you can just chill on the beach

Live free

Our service will free your time and let you focus on the things you love

Lift off

Lifting your business off the ground is always hard, we’ll help you make it!

Smooth selling

For vacations, sailing and any other quality of life products and services

Staying calm

For yoga, health, nutrition, meditation and other health and spirit lifestyle products

Life is good

Our product will save you a ton time and money – enjoy your free time

Frisbee master

Our service frees up your time and lets you enjoy doing the things you love.

Christmas shopping

Still looking for an amazing gift for your loved ones? Our produces will blow you away!

Christmas greeting

Send a happy doggy holidays greeting to your customers, employees and loved ones.


Big sale promotional video,
Don’t miss out on our 1 + 1 sale!

Cough alert

The Covid-19 pandemic has made everyone nervous, our products will calm them down!

Feeling great again

Our products free your time and lets you enjoy the things you love to do

Chess dog

For products & services that pride themselves on being smart, innovative and clever.

Dog whisperer

This video is for learning, training and anything else that’s hard to teach or learn

Oven fire

Our products are amazingly cool, share them or you will suffer the consequences…


How much does it cost?

We charge $35 for a single video, $75 for three videos or $95 if you take 5 videos!

How do I place an order?

That’s easy 🙂

1. Choose the videos that you would like to use from our portfolio

2. Click any of the “Get this video ad” buttons. this will lead you into our Fiverr gig, choose the proper package and place your order. you will need to provide the names of the videos you chose.

3. We will send you links to access the online editors for the videos you chose. You will need to open a user with to get access to the videos and also purchase their basic package to remove their watermark from your videos

4. That’s it! you can now start customizing the videos with your brand and start dogvertising…


What will the Usage License allow me to do with the video?

When purchasing a video from us, you are not buying the video;

you are buying a lifetime non-exclusive usage license.

This license allows you to use the video on any digital platform you wish,

such as Facebook, YouTube, your website, etc.

This license is included in the pricing of all packages.

Do you produce all your videos, and are they safe to use?

We produced all the videos that are available for sale on Fiverr,

and we own all copyrights for these videos.

Therefore, they are 100% safe to use. 😉

Can I sell your videos to my clients?

No, you may not!
When you purchase our gig, you are purchasing a single end user license.
meaning, you may use the editor to create videos for only one single business.

Please contact us if you want to sell our videos to your clients. we will try to provide a licensing tailored for your needs.

What are your working hours?

We are working from Tel Aviv, Israel time zone.

Our working days are Sunday through Thursday – 09:00 – 18:00 Eastern standard time – (02:00 – 11:00)

We offer a 24H delivery time for an extra fee

Can you make me a new video from a script?

Sure 🙂

Send us your script and we’ll take it from there.