I’m Amnon Picker.
An A-Z Video Creator

I’ve been creating funny video ads from alpha to omega for over 10 years.
During this time I’ve become proficient in all aspects of video creation.

My work:

Videos that I have:
Written, shot, directed, edited, & did all the AE for

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Videos that I have:
Written and directed while working with additional crew

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A bit about me

I’ve been working in the video industry for over 15 years.
I started in the film & TV industry working in different technical professions on the set, learning in the field how to shoot, light, grip, and record.

I became a chief lighting officer and 1st assistant director, working for many films & TV shows for a few years until I decided to start directing myself and started a production company called The 13th way


The 13th way specializes in the creation of funny short video ads.
I am responsible for all aspects of video creation from coming up with the concept, to shooting, directing, and editing the final videos.


5 years ago, I’ve started to work on the creation of my own bootstrap startup (13way.com) which focuses on the creation of funny and affordable video ad templates (we have over 80) for SMBs worldwide.

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Videos that I’ve written, shot, directed, edited, & did all the AE for

13way – video ad templates

A series of over 80 funny video ad templates I’ve created for a variety of SMB niches



Part of a 12 video ads series for Checkpoint’s annual kickoff convention


Additional clients

Video ads that I have created for different local businesses


Videos that I’ve written and directed while working with additional crew

Larger scale productions

Video ads that I’ve created working with a full crew (cinematographer, editor etc.)


So, what can I do for you?

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