Step 1 - Choose a video from our Catalog. Step 2 - Go to our Fiverr Gig and place your order. Step 3 - Send us your instructions on the order page
Do you offer a discount when purchasing a few videos?

We certainly do ;)
Two videos - 10% Off
Three videos - 15% Off
Four videos - 20% Off.
Five or more - Talk to us before ;)

Please let us know how many videos and which package We’ll send you a custom offer with the discount included.

What does the full marketing kit include? (The premium package)

The full marketing kit includes Two more Size Variations optimized for leading social platforms. You’ll get Wide (16:9), Vertical (9:16), Square (1:1), video files. it also includes 3 images and 3 GIF animations derived from your video to be used in a multi-channel campaigns.

What does extra branding mean?

Extra branding (Included in the Standard/premium packages) means that your brand becomes more noticeable in the video.

Adding your logo in the corner for the duration of the video.
Changing the fonts in the video with your fonts.
Changing the background colors to your brand Identity.

What will the Regular Usage License allow me to do with the video?

When purchasing a video from us, you are not buying the video; you are buying a lifetime non-exclusive usage license. This license allows you to use the video on any digital platform you wish, such as Facebook, YouTube, your website, etc. This license is included in the pricing of all packages.

Do you produce all of your videos, and are they safe to use?

We produced all the videos that are available for sale on Fiverr, and we own all copyrights for these videos. Therefore, they are 100% safe to use. ;)

Can I sell your videos to my clients?

TYou certainly can ;)
We encourage you to do so and also give digital marketers tools to present our videos to their clients without visiting our Fiverr store See our white label offer here:

Can I use the video on TV or Film commercial spots?

If you wish to use the video on TV or Film commercial spots, you need to buy the extended license. It is available for most of our videos. Please, contact us for more information.

What are your working hours?

We work from Tel Aviv, Israel time zone.

Our working days are Sunday through Thursday - 09:00 - 18:00 Eastern standard time - (02:00 - 11:00)

We offer a 24H delivery time for an extra fee

Can you make me a new video from a script?

Sorry, but unfortunately we don't make new videos per request. We only customize our videos with your text, images, and logos.

    Add text for 1st caption (0:17 - 0:20 on the timeline) Add text for 2nd caption (0:25 - 0:28 on the timeline) Add text for your call to action (0:28 - 0:33 on the timeline) Add text for your contact details (0:33 - 0:36 on the timeline) Add text for more contact details (0:36 - 0:39 on the timeline) Your logo (.png file)
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