How does it work?

Step 1 - Go to our Catalog and choose the video you want.

Step 2 - Download the video requirements file and fill in your instructions.

Step 3 - Go to our Fiverr Gig and place your order

What does the full marketing kit include?

The full marketing kit includes 3 more video file formats optimized for Instagram, Whatsapp and Tumblr social platforms. it also includes 3 images and 3 GIF animations derived from your video ad to be used in a multi-channel campaign.

What is extra branding means?

Extra branding (included in the premium package) means that we will make your brand more noticeable in the video. It includes: Adding your logo in the corner for the duration of the video. Changing the fonts in the video. Changing the colors in the video to your brand colors.

Can I use your videos commercially?

When purchasing our videos you get a lifetime non-exclusive online usage license, for a single end product for you or one of your clients. If you wish to use your ad on TV or film, you need to purchase an extended usage license.

What can I change in the videos?

You will get the exact same video displayed in our catalog with the following customizable options:

Your company logo.

All visible text will be changed to your text

Background colors will be changed to your colors.

Your images/videos will appear on the designated screens in the videos.

Do your videos safe to use online?

We produced all the videos that are available for sale on Fiverr, and we own all copyrights for these videos. Therefore, they are 100% safe to use on any digital platform.

Is there a discount for purchasing a few videos?

There certainly is ;) our community members get all sorts of great benefits and discounts. Click here for more details.

Can I sell your videos to my clients?

You certainly can ;) We encourage you to do so and also give digital marketers tools to present our videos to their clients without visiting our Fiverr store. See our white label offer.